Farewell, 2022. Here’s to 2023

It’s been a year of growth and achievement at OHL, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

The last few years have been… a lot, and 2022 was no exception. Between continuing global health challenges, geopolitical conflict, polarizing elections in our country, the Meghan & Harry debacle on Netflix—well, let’s just say we’re ready to turn the page and have a fresh start in 2022.

And despite all these challenges, big and small, 2022 was a great year. We accomplished a lot as individuals and as a company in 2022, and we’re extremely proud of those achievements— and just as excited about what 2023 has in store.

Here’s a look at what we achieved at One Health Labs in 2022, and what lies in store for next year, as told by a Q&A Brianna Sewell, Biomeme’s Director of Laboratory Operations.

How did OHL help to combat COVID-19 and address the continuing challenge of respiratory health issues in this country in 2022?

The Omicron variant continued to sweep much of the U.S. in early 2022. OHL COVID-19 testing services provided fast, accurate test results to the film industry and other industries facing a workforce shortage due to a high COVID-19 positivity rate.

How did OHL evolve in 2022?

OHL expanded rapidly and across multiple states between the years 2020-2022 to address the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, OHL focused on the standardization of its workflows and procedures, ancillary to the unique needs of individual customers, thus remaining an efficient and effective laboratory service.

What will the biggest global health challenge be in 2023, and how will OHL help to solve it?

For 2023, OHL is expanding its testing menu to include Flu and RSV to address the growing concerns around very high Flu and RSV activity across the U.S.

How will OHL continue to evolve in 2023?

OHL’s 2023 objectives include:

  • A fully functional patient portal providing more real-time information to patients, physicians and employers using our testing services.
  • An expanded test menu that caters an array of exciting and highly requested test offerings to physicians interested in our assays.
  • Patient insurance billing where we partner with insurance plans to provide patients with an additional method for payment. 

What did you learn about your company and your people in 2022 that will inform your 2023?

In 2022 I learned that our employees remain the most important piece of the business. It is through their hard work and dedication that OHL has remained one of the film industry’s leading testing laboratories for COVID-19.

We had a great 2022, and we hope you did, too. Now, we’re off to some R&R over the holidays, and we look forward to a 2023 full of continued growth as a company, as a staff, and as individuals.