Careers at One Health Labs

Join us and make your mark on the future of point-of-care healthcare. Working at One Health Labs means being at the forefront of providing reliable, fast, and high-quality healthcare diagnostic testing in your community and beyond.

About One Health Labs

Founded in 2019, One Health Labs is a CLIA-certified, CAP accredited subsidiary of Biomeme, Inc. that specializes in high complexity diagnostic testing services. Our network of laboratories across the US paired with our unique ability to accommodate mobile testing, allows us to meet our patients at the point of need.

Our Values Guide Everything We Do

We encourage our One Health Labs team to keep these eight values in mind with everything they do.

Be Curious

Remain hungry for knowledge and ask questions! Innovation always starts with a question and we encourage our team to exercise their curiosity, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Be Determined

One Health Labs is made up of perserverent people who are intent on problem solving, learning, and making the world a better place. No matter the struggles, our team remains determined.

Have Ingenuity

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Not at One Health Labs. We believe in constantly innovating and improving. Cleverness and creative problem-solvers thrive on our team.

Be Cooperative

Two brains are better than one. Team work makes the dream work. These phrases might get some eyerolls, but we truly believe our team is better together than we are apart.

Be Transparent

Openness, communication, and accountability. Whether it’s good or bad, celebrating wins or acknowledging flops; transparency is key to learning together as a team.

Be Resilient

The one constant in life is change. At One Health Labs, we must always be prepared, open, and willing to accept and thrive in light of the change that comes our way.

Show Gratitude

It may seem simple, but showing appreciation and thanks to your team and colleagues goes a long way at One Health Labs. Gratitude keeps us grounded and builds trust on our team.

Have Fun

Never forget to enjoy your time at work! We take our work seriously and care deeply, but we also like to laugh and enjoy the time we spend together as a team. Fun is the superglue that strengthens our organization.

Benefits at One Health Labs

At One Health Labs, your wellbeing is our top priority. Here’s a breakdown of what we offer our employees:

Hear from One Health Labs Employees

Dreyton Lomax

Dreyton Lomax

Senior Lab Technician Level 2

Working for OHL has been an experience that can’t be conveyed best through words. It comes more clearly as a feeling. Imagine being on a rollercoaster with some of your closest friends, sure you could be screaming, out of fear, or frustration, or out of excitement and fun but in all you’re happy you’re experiencing it, and especially with people you care about and love to be around. At the end of the day you’ve accomplished something, you’ve been changed and you’re proud of that, so you strap back in day after day.

Tatiana Teague​

Tatiana Teague

Reimbursement Administrative Assistant

Working for One Health Lab is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career. Everyone here is extremely helpful and patient when it comes to our workflow. The level of gratitude that is shown for how hard we work together is impeccable and I’ve honestly never seen anything like it.