General Information

One Health Labs has nationwide locations. Find a One Health Labs location in your area.

One Health Labs is open 7-days a week. Hours vary at each One Health Labs location. Learn more about the One Health Labs location near you here.

Additionally, One Health Labs can be on-site for collection windows at any time of day as long as that is established with your One Health Labs Coordinator. Additional rates may apply for late nights and early mornings.

We do not currently store vaccination information. If this service is required, contact your One Health Labs Coordinator and arrangements could be made.

OHL is committed to gathering, processing, maintaining, and disclosing Patient Health Information (PHI) only in a manner that is fully in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations seeking to protect patient confidentiality. OHL is and shall be in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding the use and disclosure of PHI. 

Please refer to our full Privacy Policy information.

Patient Portal

Patients need to be invited through encrypted emails from OHL or an Employer in order to create an account. To create an account, click here.

Yes, this platform is free to use upon invitation. 

Your results are sent to you through an encrypted email and available through whoever arranged the event. 

The cut-off time to make service detail changes varies per patient requirements, but generally we recommend you finalize details at least 24 hours prior to your testing date. If you can no longer make modifications but need to, please create a new event with the patients whose service details you wish to change and reach out to an OHL team member to inform them of the change. 

Create a new event, and use “walkup” in the name so OHL knows what the event is for. Then add your patient to the event to be tested. 

Patient Statuses: 

  • Pre-Registered: Patient added to event 
  • Registered: Service details can be modified until the event is accessioned 
  • Received: Patients sample has been received by the lab 
  • Reported: Final result has been reported 
  • Not Performed: Test was not performed. Usually designated for walkups or cancellations 

Event Statuses: 

  • Scheduled: Testing event has been made 
  • Accessioned: OHL creates a sample identifier for the patient, and no modifications can be made to event or service details 
  • Active: Testing event is currently active 
  • Complete: All patient test orders have a final result (Not performed or Reported) 

Our Patient Portal is not available as an app as of right now. It can only be accessed through the One Health Labs Website on a web browser.

The Patient Portal is available on desktop, laptops, and tablet devices. Currently, there is no phone app available. 

The OHL patient portal is HIPAA compliant. Your account information can only be accessed by you, and your employer. Each patient hub link is unique to the patient and will only be accessible with that user’s PHI login. 

Native proxy support is coming soon. In the meantime, please contact OHL for proxy account assistance. 


Prior to testing, One Health Labs will provide you with a link to our release forms, which all patients are required to complete prior to getting tested. Once that has been completed, they will be provided with a custom QR code that should be saved and brought with them to their appointment.

For on-site COVID-19 testing, patients should report to agreed upon One Health Labs location at the date and time of their scheduled test window.

Upon arrival, patients will be asked for their QR code to be scanned. One Health Labs will provide each patient with a QR Code label and direct them to a tent for sample collection.

After sample collection, patients can exit the tent and proceed to a handwashing or hand sanitizing station.

One Health Labs can set up onsite testing within 2-3 weeks, depending on the size of the production or workplace as well as the location.

Email us at coordination@onehealthlabs.com for more information

Anything outside a 30-mile radius of the city center, production/clients are responsible for covering the cost of mileage reimbursements.

Yes, most regions do have a facility to which clients can send their patients. Contact your One Health Labs location for more information.

  • Patients can be registered for testing through our Patient Portal. An OHL personnel or an authorized individual of the patient’s production from within the portal will send patients email invitations to create their accounts. Patients will then be able to fill out their information: Full legal name, date of birth, sex, and contact information. Then create an “event” for testing, invite the patients. and both select and schedule their testing.  
  • All of this information should be entered before 8PM the day before testing occurs. 

One Health Labs offers both molecular PCR tests and antigen (aka rapid) tests. Since PCR tests are considered the gold standard, that is our preferred method of testing, however rapid tests can be performed upon request.

One Health Labs uses the portable Biomeme Franklin™ device which allows us to run our tests on the go and offer the lowest turnaround time.

On May 13, 2020, our SARS-COV-2 test received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA.

Our test is a qualitative assay and per our EUA the only results we can report are the qualitative results like: Positive, Negative, or Not Detected.

One Health Labs guarantees results within 12 hours of sample collection, but we can provide results in as few as 2 hours upon request.


Patients will receive password-protected results sent to them directly via our auto-emailing software. Instructions for opening these results will be contained within the email itself. Results will be sent via no-reply@onehealthlabs.com. Patient Portal users can expect to receive real-time results through their email. 

  • If a patient is having difficulty receiving their results, we advise them to check their Junk and/or Spam folders. If they are still unable to locate these results, we encourage patients to email hello@onehealthlabs.com and include their full legal first name, last name, date of birth, date of testing, and the studio/production they were testing with, if relevant. 
  • If a patient has received their results but cannot open them, we advise them to ensure that they are entering the password correctly (MMDDYYYY of date of birth, e.g. 01011900 for a birth date of 1/1/1900). If this step is being followed appropriately and they are still unable to open their results, we encourage them to reach out to hello@onehealthlabs.com for assistance. If you are a Patient Portal user, you can reach out to customer support for assistance from within the portal. Additionally, we recommend that they reach out to the Testing Coordinator for their Production to ensure that the Production has the correct DOB listed for them. 
  • Antigen tests are not as accurate as PCR tests, so it is common to get mixed results. It’s always best to follow up with PCR after receiving a positive antigen result.


We do not currently partner with any insurance plans. An invoice will be sent to you directly and can be paid via credit or debit card. You will be provided with a receipt via email following payment.

  • All billing for Productions is typically sent at the end of each calendar month. Payments can be remitted via ACH, credit card, or check. Payments can be made via check. Checks should be mailed to: 

         One Health Labs 

         ATTN: Accounts Receivable 

         401 N. Broad St. Suite 222 

         Philadelphia, PA 19108  

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