Why oHL

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Experience and Reputation you can count on

One Health Labs (OHL) was established in 2019, prior to the pandemic, to offer safe and reliable mobile testing to give people the ability to get tested for illnesses anytime, anywhere. Our national network of clinical laboratories are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited, so we are held to the highest regulatory standards in the industry.

Our PCR Test received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA in May 2020. Since then, our PCR test has been one of the few diagnostic tests authorized for pooled samples, which multiplies the number of people we can test up to 10 times.

In addition, our tests detects all variants of interest and concern including the Delta, Omicron, BA.02, and BA.5 variants. Compared to antigen tests, One Health Labs’ test provides greater sensitivity which can reduce the risk of COVID outbreaks during your operation. 

What working with us looks like

COVID-19 Test Results within 12-hours

Receiving your results in a timely manner is critical. OHL guarantees that EVERYONE will receive their COVID-19 test results within 12-hours to ensure your production schedule stays on track.

Turnkey, Full-Service

We handle everything. All of OHLs’ full service testing options include coordination, physician order, sample collection, testing, and results reporting in one package.

Film/TV & Commercial Industry Experts

We understand your unique needs. One Health Labs has worked with numerous organizations in the Film/TV & Commercial Industry, including: Sony, Netflix, Amazon, WB, HBO, NBC Universal, Apple, ViacomCBS, Biscuit, Media Monks, Smuggler, Tool, Caviar, Anonymous, and many more.

Our team of entertainment industry experts understands how the industry works and are available at all hours of the day to help your productions run smoothly.

Flexible Scheduling & location

We’ll accommodate you on your earliest mornings, late nights, and from long distances. Whether you need our team to set up in the desert, in the mountains, on-site, or at your home, our team can be counted on to be there. Even when your plans change in an instant, ours will too.


Our services are priced for cost-sensitive organizations requiring daily or weekly screening without sacrificing test accuracy or your service experience.

Danielle Pine RN, HSS

One Health is flexible, reliable and their price point exceeds other labs I have worked with and vetted. I can also attest to the quality of staff that they employ and their work ethic. Their staff is efficient, polite, and very professional but personable.

In the production industry in which things can change in an instant, having One Health be my lab of choice has not only made both the productions I have worked with but also the crew we manage feel taken care of, with any potential issues that often arise on set being a well-handled efficient process.