Inside OHL’s 24-7 Support for the Entertainment Industry

How we provide around-the-clock testing and notifications for film, TV, and theater productions.

The entertainment industry works around the clock, which means that any health testing service needs to burn the midnight oil, too. One Health Labs communicates 24 hours a day with our entertainment clients to ensure that film and theater productions continue to operate smoothly and on time. “Our ability to communicate well and develop strong relationships with our entertainment clients is the key to being a good partner in a dynamic industry,” says OHL’s Senior Laboratory Administrator.

How do we offer 24-7 support to ensure safe work environments for our entertainment partners? We’ll explain.

Client Response to Testing Positive on Set

Protocols for testing and for notification of positives vary by production. When a cast or crew person tests positive, OHL confirms that the sample matches the patient and then notifies the COVID compliance team. The client’s COVID compliance team follows up with the patient, determines what department that person works in, who their supervisor is, and decides on the safest way to proceed with protocols and contact tracing. Depending on the production protocols, that person may be pulled off the set to quarantine for five days and then re-tested before returning to work. If the patient is being tested pre-employment, the production supervisor may choose to replace them.

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How OHL Supports Clients

OHL values the relationships they have built with entertainment clients across the country and is committed to providing them with the support they need. We know that COVID compliance teams are responding to positive test notifications around the clock, and so we provide clients with around-the-clock support. OHL works closely with the COVID compliance teams on communicating with patients who test positive, customizing the testing cadence for cast and crew, and providing the testing needed to keep productions up and running. If we are handling the positive test notifications, the OHL physician notifies each patient who tests positive by phone and then sends a follow-up email with the information that person needs to follow production protocols and understand their next steps. At every step of the way, OHL protects the privacy of the patient while ensuring the safety of the set.

OHL works closely with each compliance team to choose the testing cadence that fits their production. We work hand in hand with each client and offer the flexibility to adjust testing volume and cadence as needed. If a new cast or crew member has tested positive within the last 90 days on a previous production, we can accommodate same-day antigen testing as a precaution before bringing that person on set. If OHL identifies a spike in positive test results, we notify the compliance team immediately so that cast and crew can be made aware. Depending on local requirements, OHL may also notify the county and local health department.

The bottom line – our bottom line – is that OHL adapts to meet client needs because we understand the importance of staying safe and on schedule.