Announcing Our New Patient Portal

This new platform for OHL clients makes scheduling, managing, and reporting results of diagnostic tests easier than ever.

Introducing Our New Patient Portal

Businesses and the entertainment industry need flexible, accessible healthcare partners. The new Patient Portal from One Health Labs delivers exactly that, with a robust suite of comprehensive tools that simplify the patient management, testing, and reporting processes. It’s an intuitive process that will help managers, logistics professionals, and compliance officers more efficiently manage the testing process on their end, making that part of their jobs easier than ever—and  providing peace of mind that they are keeping their teams as safe and productive as possible.

Here are the key features of the new platform.

Patient Onboarding

One Health Labs Patient Portal patient onboarding screen on a tablet

The platform provides a streamlined and integrated experience for clients and patients. We have improved the onboarding process by developing online consent forms and providing QR codes for a speedy and easy on-site check-in process. Walk-up patients can be added in real-time and seamlessly. This new patient management functionality will improve your operational efficiencies at testing sites.

Event Scheduling & Test Selection

One Health Labs Patient Portal event scheduling screen on a laptop

The Patient Portal gives you full control over the testing schedule while keeping OHL personnel updated about any additions or changes. You can schedule group testing by zone, location, and department and manage those appointments through the portal. Additionally, you can save time by using its bulk email capability to send appointment invitations and confirmations.

Real-time Results

One Health Labs Patient Portal patient results screen on a tablet

The Patient Portal dashboard enables you to monitor patient check-ins and view test results in real-time as soon as they are available. Its robust filtering capabilities enable you to track results and quickly and easily clear employees to work. You can also create on-demand customized reports and export patient results for internal audits.

An All-in-One Platform

One Health’s Patient Portal was developed to give you control over the testing process while providing real-time event operations and technical support. It seamlessly and conveniently integrates patient onboarding, event scheduling, test selection, and results reporting into one user-friendly and flexible platform that can be accessed from any device, at any time, and in any place. With the new One Health Labs Patient Portal, businesses and film and television productions are empowered to stay safe and informed.

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