What It’s Like Working with OHL for Employee Screenings

A step-by-step guide to how we integrate with your business to screen employees, and keep your business moving.

For an employer, the day-to-day of running a business has plenty of moving parts. Uncertainty about staffing impacts productivity and the bottom line. For employees, a safe and healthy work environment is conducive to a productive workday. For both employer and employee, regular on-site COVID testing provides peace of mind, protects employees, and keeps productivity stable.

One Health Labs (OHL) can make this process smooth and seamless — and confidential — allowing employers to focus on their business, and employees to focus on their work. And with our rapid PCR test capabilities, you get same-day results.

Here’s how we do it.


The first step in getting OHL’s testing unit set up on any company’s site is to connect with one of our testing coordinators to understand the customer’s needs and plan the logistics. In an initial contact call, we will establish:

  • How many people need to be tested
  • How often they need to be tested
  • How the samples will be transported to be tested (whether on-site or off-site)

From there we help you sketch out a testing calendar that details what days and how many people per day will be tested so that we can ensure we have sufficient staffing and supplies on hand. With that calendar in hand, you’re able to clearly communicate with employees so they know what to expect. The day before the test, we will confirm these logistics and make any necessary adjustments.

“We will confirm the day before each testing event that we have scheduled with you, staff up as needed, and make sure we have the supplies we need to fit the needs of the on site that day,” says Blaze Stow, OHL’s senior manager of operations.

On Test Days

The day of the test, our field service staff arrives early to set up the outdoor lab to handle employee check-in with our intake staff, collect authorization forms, and appropriately label each individual’s collection container. Once those steps are completed, the testing process begins.

Supervised Self-Collection by One Health Labs from One Health Labs on Vimeo.

Each employee meets with an OHL technician who supervises the sample collection, which takes less than a minute. Once the sample is collected, the employee can then continue into the office or wait in a separate area while the sample is processed, depending on what you as the employer have established as preferred protocol. Employees should plan to arrive at work 30-60 minutes in advance for processing and testing.

“If your arrival time should be 9:00 AM, you may want to arrive 30 minutes to 60 minutes beforehand to make sure there is ample time for processing, but we can be quicker or extend that window, too, depending on the volume and your needs that day,” Stow says.


Once testing is complete, the field service team breaks down our outdoor lab and removes any trash. This on-site service is available for corporate clients as well as for festivals, concerts – any large gathering whether indoors or outdoors – and can be designed to meet the needs of the employer, the event or the location.

Looking to set up COVID testing for your staff? Let’s talk.