Preventing Spread: Holiday Parties

The holidays are upon us, and COVID-19 remains a background presence—not to mention the high national rates of cold, influenza, and RSV infections. As we kick off the winter months with a wide variety of holiday get-togethers, spending more time indoors, often with large groups of people, there is a continued need for caution and prevention. There are steps that party organizers and individuals can take to hold successful events instead of super-spreader events.

Preventive Measures for a Safe Holiday Season

There are several best practices and options to consider when planning a worry-free party or gathering.

“Everyone wants to gather and have a good time this year without putting anyone at risk,” says Sepi Naderi, R&D lead, laboratory supervisor.

  • Pre-Party Testing: Employers and party organizers should continue to encourage people to stay current on vaccinations and boosters, including the flu. This remains the simplest and most effective way for individuals to protect themselves and others. Employers and party organizers can provide at-home antigen testing in advance of an event or provide on-site mobile PCR and rapid testing services ahead of large events to help everyone gather and celebrate safely.
  • Following Guidelines: As always, party organizers should use their best judgment and follow CDC and local guidelines. If an individual receives a negative test result the day before an event or gathering but is not experiencing symptoms, then they can protect others by wearing a mask at an event. For those who test positive before or after an, the best practice remains to quarantine, contact your physician if you start experiencing symptoms, and notify any close contacts so they can monitor their own symptoms and get tested.

How OHL Can Help

We provided testing services for family groups and group events during the 2020 and 2021 holiday season, and we are prepared to support individuals and businesses during the 2022 season. OHL offers mobile PCR and rapid testing on-site for businesses and organizations. For small gatherings, we can test up to 10 people at a time and provide results within two hours. We also provide concierge testing and can collect and test samples from individuals in different locations before they gather. Plan ahead, if possible, and provide testing options 1-2 days before an event so that there is ample time to notify people of positive test results.

OHL hopes everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday season!

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